Prospect Evaluation

Day 1

Welcome and Introduction

  • Risks, Volumes and Uncertainty
  • The difference between risk and uncertainty
  • Prospects and Plays
  • Play maps and demonstration of how understanding of the regional geology, petroleum systems and hydrocarbon plays is an essential element in the assessment of risks & volumes for individual prospects, exercises on the use of play maps for risk assessment
  • Prospects and Portfolios
  • Prospect maturation workflow, risk profiles and ranking of prospects, risk mitigation, scenarios in prospect assessment: when to use them and when not

Day 2

Traps and Reservoirs

  • Traps
  • Risks and uncertainties associated with hydrocarbon traps
  • Traps in important hydrocarbon settings
  • Trap types in rifts
  • Reservoirs
  • Risks and uncertainties associated with reservoir rocks
  • Reservoirs in important hydrocarbon settings
  • Reservoirs in rifts, passive margins, deltas, carbonate provinces and deep-water settings, and their typical characteristics and risks

Day 3

Seals, Pressures and Charge

  • Seals and pressures
  • Mechanisms of seal failure
  • Seals and pressures in important hydrocarbon settings
  • Seals and pressures in rifts
  • Impact of source rock types and timing issues for charge assessment
  • Charge in important hydrocarbon settings
  • Source rocks and charge in rifts

Day 4

Risks and Volumes

  • Risk assessment
  • Practical exercise in small groups on prospect risk assessment
  • Risk assessment continued
  • Continuation of exercise
  • Volume assessment
  • Practical back-of-the-envelope volume calculation exercise
  • Volumes an portfolios
  • The impact of dependencies between prospects in a portfolio, risking and volume assessment of prospects with stacked reservoir-seal pairs, adding probabilistic prospect volumes statistically correct

Day 5

Bringing it all Together

  • Exploration economics
  • Basics of assessing the economic value of prospects
  • Exploration economics Continued
  • Geophysical evidence
  • The impact on prospect POS (probability of success) of direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) and/or positive (or negative) evidence form controlled source electromagnetics (CSEM) – consistent with Bayes’ theorem, exercises
  • Local examples
  • An opportunity to discuss examples that participants bring in the context of what was learned during the course

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