Tight Gas

COLOSSUS GROUP Unconventional Resources Team

Tight gas reservoirs, which are characterized by low permeability and low porosity, present unique challenges for exploration and production. Extracting gas from these reservoirs is more complex and often requires specialized techniques and technologies. Here are some of the key challenges associated with tight gas exploration and production: Low Permeability, Fracturing Operations, Water Management, Environmental Concerns, Drilling Techniques, Reservoir Characterization, Gas Composition, Economic Viability, Infrastructure and Transportation, Market Fluctuations, Regulatory Hurdles, Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Technological Innovation.


In summary, tight gas exploration and production require a combination of advanced technologies, environmental responsibility, and effective management of resources and operations. Addressing these challenges is essential to unlock the potential of tight gas reservoirs as a significant source of natural gas.

Our Solutions:

  • Reservoir modeling
  • Stimulation / Fracking (incl. multilateral wellbores, inflow control devices)
  • Production Optimization
  • Fluid modeling

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