Acquisitions and Divestitures


COLOSSUS Team works with companies and individuals intending to purchase, sell or lease a property to provide asset valuation services.

Our extensive experience in asset valuation can help industrial and commercial clients determine the fair market value of properties being considered for a purchase or sale or are nearing the end of a lease. We have worked on the valuation of large complex properties performing due diligence from the buy/sell side, as well as in the end-of-lease appraisal process.

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Our Acquisition and Divestiture (A&D) Services offer a unique and highly effective solution for Exploration and Production (E&P) investors and operators due to several distinctive features:

  1. In-Depth Industry Expertise: Our team possesses deep knowledge and expertise in the E&P sector, enabling you to provide tailored solutions that align with the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities within the industry.

  2. Customization: Our approach is highly personalized, tailoring strategies to the unique objectives and circumstances of each investor or operator. This results in solutions that optimize asset acquisition or divestiture, enhancing portfolio value.

  3. Strategic Insights: Our services offer valuable strategic insights, facilitating informed decision-making by investors and operators. This includes thorough due diligence, risk assessment, and market analysis to identify the most advantageous opportunities.

  4. Effective Deal Structuring: Our firm excels in structuring deals that maximize value while managing risks effectively. This skill ensures that both buyers and sellers receive favorable terms and conditions.

  5. Financial Expertise: Our financial acumen and modeling capabilities empower investors and operators to evaluate the financial aspects of transactions comprehensively, including valuation, return on investment, and risk assessment.


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Other A&D Support:


Our services encompass all stages of acquisition and divestiture, from the initial opportunity assessment to the post-transaction integration, providing a comprehensive solution that maximizes the value of assets.

These unique characteristics make our acquisition and divestiture services an invaluable resource for E&P investors and operators, empowering them to make informed decisions, optimize their portfolios, and navigate the complexities of the industry effectively.




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